Spiritualists and Mysticism – Who Are These Mystics and What is Mysticism? – Part 1

Spiritualists and Mysticism – Who Are These Mystics and What is Mysticism? – Part 1


As a matter of first importance, here are two or three word reference meanings of the word ‘spiritualist’ and magic. The principal definitions are from Collins English Dictionary and the second arrangement mystic messenger email guide of definitions are from The Concise Oxford Dictionary: “spiritualist: to a riddle; to mystery strict rituals; symbolical of otherworldly truth; weird; – n one who has faith in otherworldliness; one who looks to have direct contact with the celestial by method of profound delight and examination. Mystery: the principle of the spiritualists who look for direct fellowship with God; investigation of the profound experience; lack of definition of teaching consequently confusion. Spiritualist: 1. Profoundly figurative; mysterious; obscure; of shrouded meaning; baffling; strange and spectacular. 2. One who looks for by thought and self-give up to acquire association with or assimilation into the god, or who has faith in profound misgiving of realities outside the ability to grasp, subsequently supernatural quality n.”


Presently before I start I might want to propose to you an investigation of my ongoing article here at Ezines entitled: “What is THE MYSTERY of Mystery Babylon The Great?” so as to increase another feeling of what THE MYSTERY is. Magic, regardless of whether Christian or something else, is different things also, yet the above article will give you new comprehension with respect to the birthplaces of everything strange, clerical, and enchanted.


Alright, back to those word reference definitions and, straight away, we can see that there seems, by all accounts, to be an inconsistency in these definitions or there are two implications to a similar word. What right? First we have a connect to the mysterious and the elusive which, as we probably am aware, is crafted by the Devil. At that point we have “symbolical of profound truth,” not Spiritual Truth appropriate, yet just otherworldly imagery. Be that as it may, when we look all the more carefully there really aren’t two implications and there is no inconsistency by any stretch of the imagination. So as to demonstrate what I am stating, is valid, we should have the option to recognize the offer away hints in these two definitions that uncover spiritualists for what they are and, uncover magic for what it is – crafted by The Devil.


Well that is a truly summed up censorious proclamation is it not? Goodness truly, and I can nearly hear alleged spiritualists, and those of the ‘awareness development’, wailing in dismay at my announcement and well they may, however that doesn’t modify the way that what I am stating is The Truth. How might I be so certain? Simple, all that is included is only single word that parts with them all; the word ‘look for’ or one who ‘looks for’ direct fellowship with a divine being. This is commonplace esoterical, cognizance based, New Age hogwash as well as in its Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religious structure – asceticism or devout Catholic/Orthodox semi Christian jibber jabber. This is them placing their foot in it without acknowledging what they are stating and doing. It’s simply one more case of the ‘tail manipulating everything else’ situation in their self started or self prompted profound relationship with a divine being that they believe is God. Submersion (full inundation) into Yashua Anointed’s (The Lord Jesus Christ’s) name alone and the endowment of The Holy Spirit doesn’t come into it.

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