Training for Krav Maga in Melbourne   

Training for Krav Maga in Melbourne


There are various types of martial arts and self defense techniques that are well known across different countries of the world. And one of them is Krav Maga – a form of self defense and Land clearing Melbourne attack technique from Israel. This form of physical combat has a number of techniques that includes hand to hand fights, wrestling and striking postures.

It has an extensive following among people living in Australia. There is a large number of training institutes Melbourne city has to offer among its enthusiasts. This is considered to be an important part of modern life where you can be empowered with the strength and knack of self defense tactics.


There are always a few set of techniques that are a part of every form of martial art that is known to man. And Krav Maga is no exception. There are a set of definite fight patterns and styles in this that makes it extremely effective. Primarily there is an instant reaction to an attack that is made by a victim.

There is a clear idea of all the vulnerable areas and parts of the body. And the victim makes the earliest possible attempt to hit at one of these. They will be the eyes, joints, groin and jaws. An immediate and effective counterattack is an important part..

Krav Maga Melbourne

There are several training institutes for Krav Maga in Melbourne. These are places where aerobics training and proper nutrition is also a part of the training regime. Extensive training programs and courses are held for different age groups of people who are interested in this form of self defense training.

These are also places where as part of the training there are special movements of the hands and the legs are taught during a combat. In addition to physical combat you will also be trained in the handling of different kinds of lethal weapons such as knives, sticks and even guns of different kinds. Though there is no use of weapons in Krav Maga there are details taught to trainees about the ways of handling a situation where your opponent may be armed with all of these weapons.

There is a strict training that makes a person prepared to react immediately upon a sudden attack. There is also the training of the senses where you can also predict the direction of a second attack while handling one opponent.


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