Selling Commercial Property Investments – Should You Use an Estate Agent Or Find a Buyer on the Web?   

Selling Commercial Property Investments – Should You Use an Estate Agent Or Find a Buyer on the Web?


There are many types of commercial investments from part income producing shops with residential upper parts, retail investments, vacant retail shops, office investments, industrial property and development opportunities. Many commercial property investors are now finding that their circumstances have changed i.e. finding themselves   gewerbeimmobilien verkaufen     in financial difficulties or facing repossession, perhaps even just needing the cash to re-invest elsewhere.

Having made the decision to sell a commercial property investment one must decide how to go about this. There are a number of reasons investors may be reluctant to use commercial estate agents or surveyors when they decide they want to dispose of their commercial property investment.;

It may be possible that the information relating to the commercial investment in questions is sensitive and the vendor does not want the publicity of an Estate Agent’s board on the exterior of the property.

If owner occupied, the vendor may not want neighbors or competitors to know that the building is for sale.

The agent will also need to advertise the property for sale and approach buyers with the vendor having limited control as to who receives this information.

There is the option to sell to companies that advertises on the web that they are in the market to buy commercial property investments, distressed properties and properties brought to the market as vendors want to sell commercial property fast. Many of these companies promise to confirm interest, or even make offers on commercial property investments in as quick as 24 hours.

This can make good sense for vendors because: –

Selling to such a company can result in a speedy transaction.

Vendors are effectively finding their own buyers without having to be reliant on their agent for a buyer.

Vendors may have financial difficulties, need to relocate or require immediate equity release and can now be more independent in finding a buyer due to the accessibility to buyers through the web.

Vendors maybe able to save on agency fees


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