An Unpaid, Unbiased Review of the Bowflex Revolution – What Bowflex Doesn’t Tell You

I as of late bought Bowflex’s new passage to the home exercise center market – the Revolution.


Before I begin, I need to tell you that I am not a Bowflex representative – never have been. I’m not being made up for this article; I am only a wellness fan that needed to impart my experience to you so you can settle on a canny purchasing choice with regards to this unit.


I was disillusioned that you were unable to give the machine a shot prior to buying it – I purchased a Smooth Fitness Elliptical machine that missed the mark concerning the imprint about a year prior without getting an opportunity to utilize it first, yet that is another article. I would emphatically suggest that you utilize and get familiar with any piece of gym equipment prior to putting resources into it. For Bowflex’s situation, that is impractical – something the leaders around there ought to truly consider. Bowflex permits you to give the machine Bowflex elliptical machines a shot for about a month and a half, yet let’s face it folks – the machine comes in five monstrous boxes. Re-confining the entirety of the gear the specific boxes that it came in and preparing it to be sent will be an excruciating, burdensome errand I wouldn’t wish on anybody.


Before you settle on any purchasing choices, I propose you look online for nonbiased surveys like this one. Search for proficient mentor’s sentiments just as beginners like me. Here a few focuses I figured you should think about before you choose to purchase…


The Bowflex Revolution would be a solid match for you:


On the off chance that you have a home office and additionally on the off chance that you need comfort


On the off chance that you despise battling the early evening swarms at the rec center, which start to store up at about 5:00 PM and go until about 7:30 PM


In the event that you have abundant room in your home


In the event that you are a transitional or progressed client – or you have an expert coach kick you off; I’ve been lifting loads for quite a long time and it required some investment to become accustomed to it


In the event that you are either solid or don’t anticipate moving the machine: this machine is weighty and it’s massive. It has a foldaway component, yet it requires a considerable measure of solidarity. Moving and collapsing away the machine can be perilous for a great many people, my idea to you isn’t to move it or overlay it up except if vital – that being said, watch out.




The general scope of movement was very smooth, there was steady obstruction all through the activity, for a large number of the activities I discovered it to be equivalent to proficient rec center gear


Adaptability – in the event that you are an accomplished weight mentor, the measure of activities and varieties is simply restricted to your creative mind


Accommodation – no, the Revolution can’t rival going to the exercise center, yet on the off chance that this is the thing that you must work with, it’s the following best thing


The machine makes little clamor


Client care was cordial and simple to reach


The plates are minimized and incredibly lightweight




Massive, weighty machine, don’t move it or lift it except if it’s important


Exchanging connections and adding plates can be a tad of an irritation yet you can get faster with this over the long run. Try not to be tricked by the plugs and DVD, it isn’t so natural to move from one exercise to another – yet you will get quicker after some time.


There is an expectation to learn and adapt with the activities, have some tolerance when you initially get the machine. It took me around 2-3 exercises before I began to feel good and effective


The markings on the plates ought to have been more self-evident. The illustrations look great on the plates however the numbers ought to have been bigger so they are lucid from a good ways. Maybe they may have shading coded them.


I regularly needed to verify how much weight I had on each side of the machine – really awful there wasn’t a presentation on the facade of the machine that revealed to you how much opposition there was on each arm


Bowflex is delayed in conveying the request, they demonstrated they would give an email and a call when the unit sent – they did neither for my situation


Putting the Revolution took about 1.5 – 2 hours to do. It requires some creativity and real effort to get everything gathered. At the point when I was done I required a shower and a long break.


The seat has just 2 positions: grade and level, no varieties in the middle


Connecting the footplate leg press adornment is a torment in the back. It’s cumbersome and it’s substantial. For certain individuals, connecting the footplate can be risky.


Here’s the Bottom Line:


Can the Bowflex contend with the machines found at your neighborhood wellness rec center – no. In any case, in all reasonableness, the Bowflex while somewhat massive, doesn’t need 3500 square feet to be powerful.


The Revolution is the best home exercise machine in it’s value reach and size

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