5 Movies to Get You In the Mood for Football Season

Football season is right around the corner. In fact, the pre-season is already underway. Get in the mood for the excitement of football season with these movies.

Little Giants
Football isn’t just about professional players, it’s also about the little ones just starting out and playing pee-wee football. A pair of brothers take their sibling rivalry onto the football field in this movie. The town’s existing team, the Cowboys, battles it out with the newly formed Little Giants. Both teams learn that football is about more than winning; it is also about friendship and teamwork.

The Blind Side
In the Blind side, Michael Oher touches us with his kindness and his ability to rise above his difficult childhood with the help of a loving new family and his abilities on the football field. The Blind Side is based partially on the true story of offensive lineman, Michael Oher.

We Are Marshall
We are Marshall is based on the tragic true story of the plane crash that took the lives of most of the Marshall University football players and coaching staff in 1970. The movie is full of sadness and grief, but also a beautiful display of courage as a new team is formed with the few remaining players along with some new inexperienced players. Amazingly, after a crushing loss at the first game, this team wins at its first home game of the season. This movie is a wonderful example of the way football can bring people together, even following a terrible tragedy. สล็อตฟรี เครดิต

The Waterboy
The Waterboy will make you laugh, but you will also cheer for Bobby Boucher as he finally stands up for himself and finds success in college and on the football field. Bobby starts out as a water boy who dropped out of high school, but ends up earning his GED, starting college, and playing football after he is encouraged by the coach. He even finds the strength to stand up to his overprotective but well-intentioned mother.

Any Given Sunday
Anything can happen in football. As the name of the movie suggests, something miraculous can happen “any given Sunday”. In this movie a team that is part of the Associated Football Franchises of America is struggling. Willie Beamen, the third string quarterback, is forced to play after injuries are sustained by both the starting and back-up quarterbacks. Beamen ends up surprising the team with his abilities, but his selfish attitude does not impress his coach or his teammates. Beamen is given the chance to prove himself again at the end of the movie, and he changes his selfish ways. This movie reminds us that the unexpected is always possible in football; watch it and get excited for the surprises to come this football season.



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