Chillingo’s Newest Zombie Games Attack the App Store

Support yourselves, zombie executioners! You can at long last accomplish more beast crushing, zombie-slamming experience with your helpful application devices after Chillingo revealed its four freshest zombie-themed games. Look at what these games, in particular Monster Mayhem, Zombie Wonderland, Pro Zombie Soccer, and Zombie Escape, have available for you.


As the guardian of the burial ground, Monster Mayhem moves you to protect your palaces from the undead that, when killed, drop coins which you can use to buy new weapons, update them, purchase ammo and even nukes that can dispose of all the nasties in the event that the door is in frantic peril. Beast Mayhem is a sensational game, one that is compelling with unpleasant adorable little zombies. Try to prepare your fingers first prior to purchasing this game since it’s the best way to win their assaults.


Giving you an alluring 3D house with hierarchical perspectives, you will play as Chuck, an obsessive worker common person who completes two assignments in the game before sunup: protect the Niceville residents in a house by shooting zombies coming from all headings, and tidy up the beasts guts. If you will not break at gunpoint and you observe wiping floors is similarly pretty much as fascinating as cleaning zombies, then, at that point, Zombie Wonderland is for you as it is a time-usage game with quick and incensed undead. บาคาร่า ฝาก ถอน ไม่มีขั้นต่ำ


The game title itself marks it as one of the coolest zombie games around. With a supernatural soccer ball, you need to toss that ideal kick to crush an enormous flood of zombies. Ace Zombie Soccer has engaging storyline with magnificently planned interactivity that offers a novel, beating better approach for tearing the tops of the undead. In case you’re into bad-to-the-bone mode, a Crystal incorporation is added to guarantee that your scores are recorded, in addition to you will get create accomplishments dependent on your in-game exhibition.


A line-drawing zombie game, Zombie Escape offers an alternate way of saving the mankind from the assault of the mind eating beasts. You don’t need to control the person, however all things considered, the world is influenced quite a bit by, aside from the scalawags – zombies, obviously. Your undertaking is to save however many people as you can by line attracting them to the helicopters. Each life saved gives you score however the frenzy here is the point at which the helicopters are now full, they fly away and you need to trust that the following one will show up. Here you should do some zombie-slamming by utilizing bombs to explode zombies for the security of individuals. Zombie Escape is set to be out this month, so watch out for the App store for this, or you’ll miss this unique zombie game.

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