Sports in Cuba – From 1900 to 1959

A Golden Age of Cuban Sport: 1900-1959


Did you know-Cuba highly esteems being the second Latin American nation – after Uruguay- – to win a big showdown in the twentieth century.Prior to the Marxist oppression, alleged “Cuban Revolution”, the island amassed in excess of 10 global titles. The Cuban players caught seven world prizes ( Havana 1939, Havana 1940, Havana 1942, Havana 1943, Managua 1950, Havana 1952 and Caracas 1953). Meanwhile, during the 1920s and 1930s, they additionally won four continuous Central American and Caribbean Games: Mexico City 1926, Havana 1930, San Salvador 1935 and Panama City 1938. Also these honors, somewhere in the range of 1949 and 1958, Cuba won Caribbean competition multiple times. The best and well known players were Sandalio Consuegra, Adolfo Luque, Conrado Marrero and Orestes Mioso, among other high-profile Cuban players.

Summer Olympic Games

Did you know-The Republic of Cuba was one of a handful of the Latin American nations to take an interest in the Second Summer Games, between May 14 and October 28, 1900, in Paris (France). Anyway their proudest second was the point at which the Island’s Olympic designation completed fourth in the decoration include in the United States of America in 1904, behind the host nation, Germany and Canada. The Caribbean country left away with three golds.

Skillet American Games ตารางสูตรบาคาร่าฟรี

Did you know-Cuba sent remarkable competitors, including the world’s best baseball crew, to the I Pan American Games-a mainland multi-sport occasion held like clockwork – in Buenos Aires in the mid 1950s. The Cuban designation left away with seven gold decorations – more than Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela joined. Accordingly, the Island completed fourth in the decoration count, behind Argentina (have country), America and Chile, in Buenos Aires.


Did you know-At one time, the men’s soccer group from Cuba was one of the main crews on the Caribbean, winning the option to contend in the FIFA World Cup in July 1938. In that occasion, Cuba completed seventh, behind just Italy, Hungary, Brazil, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and Switzerland, and only in front of France, the host country. This exhibition has not been coordinated by any Caribbean group in the twentieth and 21st hundreds of years. Already, subsequent to overcoming Costa Rica and different opponents, the public crew came in the lead position in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1930, winning the regard and appreciation of Cuba. In any case, following the establishing of the Socialist republic of Cuba in the mid 1960s, the Caribbean country bit by bit has become one of the most noticeably terrible groups of the world. In the wake of being abrogated the pro game by the Soviet-upheld Castro system, the USSR and other Communist countries sent a few mentors to the island, however the arrangement neglected to work on the nation’s soccer.

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